For as long as I can remember I have been drawn to art. My earliest memories of art making are from grade school from summers spent at my grandmother’s home in Mumbai. That is not to say my relationship with art, art-making and my identity as an artist is not fraught with complexity. It certainly is, starting once with a belief that I wasn’t talented and at best mediocre based on grades and feedback I received from my art teacher in grade school art class. Still, through the complexity, the commitment to and relationship with art has thrived – ebbing sometimes due to the rest of my life’s demands/conditions and flowing vigorously at other times. 

My interests in art are varied as are my s/heroes. My favorite medium currently is pen and ink although I continue to experiment with media and forms. I write about these interests and my art and collaborations on my blog – see the homepage of this website – and post selected work here. Art for me is connected to spirituality; art practice is akin to a spiritual practice – they are intertwined in my life and I enjoy encouraging others to establish their own art practices through my teaching. Below are examples of some of my work.


(this section under construction) 


(this section under construction) 


(this section under construction) 

Flowers & Leaves

(this section under construction)

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