2016 Thoughts

With the passing of a year comes an end and a beginning. The ancient Roman god, Janus, the God of beginnings and transitions, to whom some attribute the name of the month of January, was depicted with two faces, one looking backward and the other forward. As I reflect on my blog in the transition to the new year, I remember that three things drive my desire to blog even as I set new intentions for it.

Curiosity: A strong desire to learn something new and teach it to others drives me. As an educator, researcher and administrator in a higher education institution, I am blessed with many opportunities to do so. This blog is one important additional place where I will continue to practice my curiosity.

Creativity: The process of creativity and examples of human creativity fascinate me – this is embodied in my interests in design thinking, art, architecture, sustainability and more. I intend to continue sharing my reflections on various topics here.

Action: I love to write and draw/make art. I find that the process of discovery needs to be balanced with a process of outflow where things are made and released to the world. Writing is a powerful medium for my work, akin to the process of designing. I hope to discover many things – past, present, and future – through writing about them and share what I have discovered here. I also plan to produce art more regularly in 2016 and share it here.

To inspire my blogging I’ve joined the Blogging101 community where I will write and post to daily prompts, this is the first one. Wishing you all a great beginning to your 2016!

















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