Fast Co’s Innovation by Design

Was at Fast Company’s Innovation by Design conference and awards last week in NYC last week, October 2nd. Interesting presentations and panel discussion. A few things became clear:

Design has emerged from the drafting room ‘into the Boardroom’ as one panelist commented. Almost all presentations were by designers and business execs side by side each emphasizing the importance of working with the other discipline.

The variety of entries within each category of design continue to expand – for under transportation were the Mars Rover alongside the Tesla.

Emerging ideas in the realm of design – design fiction as a theme for generating good design.

And finally some questions: if design continues to evolve into ‘design and….,’ in this case design and business, then what does this mean for our institutions training the next gen designers.

I got a chance to ask designer Yves Behar and his business partner Hosain Rahman about it – Behar’s response ‘train them to be good designers’ and Rahman’s response ‘they should know how to collaborate with business experts.’ It seems to me that our next generation graduates have to be trained in a multi disciplinary way, speaking multi disciplinary languages and dexterous in multi disciplinary skills.

Are our silo’d higher ed institutions ready for this important task? What does it mean for our institutions, administrators staff and faculty to be prepared to do this work?

Would love to hear your thoughts!”

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